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Vietnam SEO Company / Former members share about Google SEO.

With 20 years of experience working in the search quality team of Google , four members of the Fili Wiese , Kaspar Szymanski , Jonas Weber and Ariel Lambrecht has held a number of seminars in Germany to share SEO and answers for webmasters questions about SEO .

Google , as an organization , not like SEOer ?

- Not all . In practice good SEO work can help improve Google crawling , indexing and serving of your content , which is great for users of search engines .

There are differences in approach to fighting webspam through language ?
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- Principles,

Vietnam SEO services

A web ranking consultant in Vietnam who has written a how to book that explains four steps to get first page ranking. SEO service company based in Saigon Vietnam of google search applied the same way across all languages ​​. It can be said that , there are different shades of spamming techniques applied between the different geographic regions and combat teams capable webspam solve this problem .

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From left to right : Kaspar Szymanski , Ariel Lambrecht , Jonas Weber , and Fili Wiese

Google likes sites constantly adding new content ?,

Vietnam web design

Partnering with businesses since the early stage of internet in Vietnam, we not only design and re-design hundreds of websites but also advise our customers Potentially, but only if it is high quality content . The number of new content is not as important as the quality of service content .

Creating quality content takes too much time and too costly . Why should I invest in this?

- Create quality content can take some real effort ., you need to think about your long-term strategy rather than short- term sales . Content quality is an investment in the future . Power Quality solve great problems your users . Often you may find that sharing experiences on specific issues may be enough to create quality content . Often the cost is to sit down and create a solution to a problem where the user was looking for .

Internal anchor text links , important or not ?

- Yes, internal linking is important . In particular , it enhances the ability to move around a web page for your users . Here's what you should optimize .

AdSense ads can ever hurt rankings ?

- A web page overloaded with commercial content such as ads can affect the visibility of the website in the natural search results . This is not limited to any particular ad system .

I see other sites using strange characters in the meta description of them , but it may turn out in the search results section . I should do so to increase CTR ?

- This is a known technique to try to attract the attention of the SERP . That said , ask yourself , these characters will help users understand what about your site ? We tend to believe that they will not be understood .
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Do not link to other sites ( via PageRank or not ) , is a good practice or not ?

- Ask yourself , would you trust a scientific report without citing sources other sciences ? Most likely not . We recommend you link to the, SEO Vietnam, SEO Vietnam, 12 Steps to Creating a Professional Web Design SEO Vietnam / To put it simply, what separates professional web design from web design is whether or not a designer or web design company takes into consideration the above items when designing and building a website. you trust and are related to the content of your website . When you are not sure about the reliability of the source , or someone to pay for the link or it is user generated content including links go , go ahead and apply the nofollow attribute ,, Vietnam SEO, Vietnam SEO. Internship opportunities at leading companies in Vietnam. Vietnam SEO / SEO - Vietnam is the abbreviation of the phrase Sponsors for Educational Opportunity - Vietnam - a special internship program connects is to be safe .

As a customer of Google AdWords to help you with ranking organic search ?

- The only answer is : No , no , no ! This is one of the oldest myths . Google Search and other Google products , such as Google AdWords, Vietnam SEO service, Vietnam SEO service. Promote effective online SEO in form. Vietnam SEO service / SEO Method to help small and medium businesses to achieve high efficient web promotion, Promoters usually applied to online businesses online store or online sales website. totally separated. It is very important for all of us but still completely independent . Change your AdWords budget will not have any impact on your site from a penalty or assessment algorithm changes of your site .

3 Steps to SEO content writing or in

SEO Trends in 2013 is widely regarded as a year of fierce competition between the tendency to focus on content , retrieve content as a foundation seeking to serve the needs of the user.

In terms of the positive aspects of the content of the traffic to help you focus , targeting the right audience to be reached, but also a method to maintain the interaction with readers in the long run .

The difficulty is that content writing ideas . But not only that , no idea , but how to write articles that can achieve high rankings on the search results as soon as it is posted ? We will help you partially answered this question right in tutorial writing SEO content according to the following standards .

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3 Steps to SEO content writing or in

SEO is a standard article how ?

Here are the criteria to a friendly article in search engines is how :

Written naturally , do not repeat a < > keywords too many times .

The key word is always important to " mix " of relevant secondary keywords . For example : Install WordPress and Installing WordPress blog .

The key phrase should appear one time in the first part of the article , 2 times in the middle and one at the end of all time .

Keywords are vital to, Famous law firm Famous law firm, Deputies discuss changes to law on disaster prevention, control Famous law firm / National Assembly deputies met yesterday, June 6, in the capital to discuss proposed changes to Viet Nam's Law on Natural Disaster Prevention and Control. up the
, Vietnamese translation Vietnamese translation, American poet to introduce English translation of Nguyen Trai poems Vietnamese translation / "Beyond the Court Gate," an English translation of poems by noted poet Nguyen Trai (1380-1442) will be released in Vietnam on May 20. , Apartment in hochiminh Apartment in hochiminh, Work begins on deluxe, 18-storey apartment in City Apartment in hochiminh / Construction kicked off yesterday on a new 18-storey apartment building in Binh Thanh District in HCM City.