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Vietnam SEO Company / Former members share about Google SEO.

With 20 years of experience working in the search quality team of Google , four members of the Fili Wiese , Kaspar Szymanski , Jonas Weber and Ariel Lambrecht has held a number of seminars in Germany to share SEO and answers for webmasters questions about SEO .

Google , as an organization , not like SEOer ?

- Not all . In practice good SEO work can help improve Google crawling , indexing and serving of your content , which is great for users of search engines .

There are differences in approach to fighting webspam through language ?
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- Principles of Quality of google search applied the same way across all languages ​​. It can be said that , there are different shades of spamming techniques applied between the different geographic regions and combat teams capable webspam solve this problem,

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A web ranking consultant in Vietnam who has written a how to book that explains four steps to get first page ranking. SEO service company based in Saigon Vietnam SEO Company - vietseo - 231] From left to right : Kaspar Szymanski , Ariel Lambrecht , Jonas Weber , and Fili Wiese

Google likes sites constantly adding new content ?

- Potentially, but only if it is high quality content . The number of new content is not as important as the quality of service content .

Creating quality content takes too much time and too costly . Why should I invest in this?,

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A company specialized in web design, website development, SEO and online marketing services. Create quality content can take some real effort . However, you need to think about your long-term strategy rather than short- term sales . Content quality is an investment in the future . Power Quality solve great problems your users . Often you may find that sharing experiences on specific issues may be enough to create quality content . Often the cost is to sit down and create a solution,

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Partnering with businesses since the early stage of internet in Vietnam, we not only design and re-design hundreds of websites but also advise our customers a problem where the user was looking for .

Internal anchor text links , important or not ?

- Yes, internal linking is important . In particular , it enhances the ability to move around a web page for your users . Here's what you should optimize .

AdSense ads can ever hurt rankings ?

- A web page overloaded with commercial content such as ads, affect the visibility of the website in the natural search results . This is not limited to any particular ad system .

I see other sites using strange characters in the meta description of them , but it may turn out in the search results section . I should do so to increase CTR ?

- This is a known technique to try to attract the attention of the SERP . That said , ask yourself , these characters will help users understand what about your site ? We tend to believe that they will not be understood .  

Do not link to other sites ( via PageRank or not ) , is a good practice or not ?

- Ask yourself , would you trust a scientific report without citing sources other sciences ? Most likely not . We recommend you link to the source you trust and are related to the content of your website . When you are not sure about the reliability of the source , or someone to pay for the link or it is user generated content including links go , go ahead and apply the nofollow attribute , only is to be safe .

As a customer of Google,
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to help you with ranking organic search ?

- The only answer is : No , no , no ! This is one of the oldest myths . Google Search and other Google products , such as Google AdWords , totally separated. It is very important for all of us but still completely independent . Change your AdWords budget will not have any impact on your site from a penalty or assessment algorithm changes of, site .

3 Steps to SEO content writing or in

SEO Trends in 2013 is widely regarded as a year of fierce competition between the tendency to focus on content , retrieve content as a foundation seeking to serve the needs of the user.

In terms of the positive aspects of the content of the traffic to help you focus , targeting the right audience to be reached, but also a method to maintain the interaction with readers in the long run .

The difficulty is that content writing ideas . But not only that , no idea , but how to write articles that can achieve high rankings on the search results as soon as it is posted ? We will help you partially answered this question right in tutorial writing SEO content according to the following standards .

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3 Steps to SEO content writing or in

SEO is a standard article how ?

Here are the criteria to a friendly article in search engines is how :

Written naturally , do not repeat a < > keywords too many times ., SEO Vietnam, SEO Vietnam, Viet SEO company, Vietnam SEO Company, SEO service in Vietnam Vietnam web design / A two-day downpour, which ended yesterday, July 9, flooded 260 houses in Vi Xuyen District's Viet Lam Commune. key word is always important to " mix " of relevant secondary keywords . For example : Install WordPress and Installing WordPress blog .

The key phrase should appear one time in the first part of the article , 2 times in the middle and one at the end of all time .

Keywords are vital to bringing up the , SEO Saigon, SEO Saigon, Vietnam SEO service, SEO Company In Vietnam, Vietnam SEO Company Vietnam SEO Company / Information and Communications inspectors punished four websites using the domain name for granting visas illegally. , Famous law firm Famous law firm, Deputies discuss changes to law on disaster prevention, control Famous law firm / National Assembly deputies met yesterday, June 6, in the capital to discuss proposed changes to Viet Nam's Law on Natural Disaster Prevention and Control. , Vietnamese translation Vietnamese translation, American poet to introduce English translation of Nguyen Trai poems Vietnamese translation / "Beyond the Court Gate," an English translation of poems by noted poet Nguyen Trai (1380-1442) will be released in Vietnam on May 20.